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Products We Offer

  • Produce
    -Asparagus    Trumpeter Swan Farm    Ruth Heisel
    -Apples  Harvey and Verna Grangroth
    -Berries  Soua Mai Vang    Trumpeter Swan Farm    Ruth Heise   Liz Etzel
    -Garlic Gary and Gayle Klingelhoets
    - Sweet Corn & Veggies   Mark Coyour    Soua Mai Vang    Ruth Heisel    Linda Colbjornsen    Gardners Garden    Meg with Modern Roots    Chatham Preservation Farm    Blia Tou Xiong    Trumpeter Swan Farm    Harvey and Verna Grangroth    Gulstad's Goodies     Jodi Scuderi   Paul Ruter   Frank Kelly   Liz Etzel
    -Herbs   Jodi Scuderi   Meg with Modern Roots   Linda Colbjornsen   Paul Ruter
  • Baked Goods   
    Blue Egg Bakery    Linda Colbjornsen   Harvey and Verna Grangroth    Jodi Scuderi    Gardners Garden    Gulstad's Goodies     Chatham Preservation Farm    Buffalo Gals Candy Co    Peggy, Lauren and Amy Vonhagen   Clover Meadow Bakery   Liz Etzel The Snack Shack
  • Bread   
    Blue Egg Bakery   Chatham Preservation Farm Candy and Snacks    Buffalo Gals Candy Co   Peggy, Lauren and Amy Vonhagen   Clover Meadow Bakery   Buffalo Valley Grains
  • Canned Goods -Jam, Jelly, Salsa, Pickles, BBQ sauce   
    Linda Colbjornsen    Mark Coyour    Meg with Modern Roots   
    M & B Homemade Sauces    John and Karen Berglund    Gardners Garden    Gulstad's Goodies    Chatham Preservation Farm    Jodi Scuderi      Trumpeter Swan Farm
  • Cheese   
    Chatham Preservation Farm
  • Crafts - Towels, Rugs, Jewelry, Pottery   
    John and Karen Berglund    Mark Coyour    Ruth Heisel    Harvey and Verna Grangroth    Gary and Gayle Klingelhoets    Carla Qualley-Norvell    Gulstad's Goodies    Donovan and Kathe Kramer    M & B Homemade Sauces    Windland Fields    Peggy, Lauren and Amy Vonhagen 
  • Dog Treats and Supplies   
    Linda Colbjornsen    Sandra Williams
  • Eggs   
    John and Karen Berglund    Hunz Farmz    Meg with Modern Roots Meg Dimercurio    Trumpeter Swan Farm    Harvey and Verna Grangroth    Gulstad's Goodies
  • Flowers   
    Blia Tou Xiong    Ed and Wendy Otto
  • Health   
    Your Life Chiropractic
  • Honey   
    John and Karen Berglund    Meg with Modern Roots    John Swanson   Papas Bees
  • Maple Syrup   
    Harold and Lynne Greseth
  • Meat - chicken, lamb, pork, beef    
    Hunz Farmz 
  • Mushrooms   
    John and Karen Berglund
  • Perennial Plants, Shrubs & Herbs   
    Linda Colbjornsen    Windland Fields    Sweet Fern Gardens
  • Soap & Natural Body Care   
    Meg with Modern Roots   Peggy, Lauren and Amy Vonhagen
  • Fermented Foods & Drinks
    Meg with Modern Roots

Current Vendors

  • John and Karen Berglund
  • Blue Egg Bakery
  • Buffalo Gals Candy Co
  • Chatham Preservation Farm
  • Linda Colbjornsen
  • Mark and Marsha Coyour
  • Modern Roots Meg DiMercurio 
  • Gardners Garden
  • Harvey and Verna Grangroth
  • Harold and Lynne Greseth
  • Gulstad's Goodies
  • Ruth Heisel
  • Hunz Farmz
  • Gary and Gayle Klingelhoets
  • Donovan and Kathe Kramer
  • MB Homemade Sauces
  • Carla Qualley-Norvell
  • Jodi Scuderi
  • SwanBee- John Swanson
  • Trumpeter Swan Farm
  • Soua Mai Vang
  • Peggy, Lauren and Amy Vonhagen
  • Sandra Williams
  • Windland Fields
  • Buffalo Valley Grains
  • Blia Tou Xiong
  • Paul Ruter
  • Your Life Chiropractic
  • Four Daughters Butter
  • FarmFarm CSA
  • Sweet Fern Gardens
  • Meadow Bakery
  • Liz Etzel
  • Frank Kelly
  • Stephanie Papas Bees
  • Clover Meadow Bakery
  • The Snack Shack

2017 Vendor Application

Applications for the 2017 Season are now available. Existing members must renew by April 1st. A limited number of new vendors will be accepted before April 1st, and the remainder must wait until after April 1st to see if a space becomes available.